Sample Collection Service

For customers who don’t wish to use our self-sampling collection kit, we have made the collection of DNA samples as easy as possible.

There are two options for the collection of DNA Paternity Test samples:

A personal appointment to attend our collection centre. Please contact us for more information.


An appointment at a convenient time for one of our professional collectors to attend your home, place of work or solicitor’s office. Our trained sample collector will collect the samples from you in a way which conforms to the strict chain of custody required by a UK court of law. Our collector will then deliver the DNA mouth swab samples to our UK laboratory for testing.

We have a network of over 40 highly professional collectors, all of whom are experienced, punctual and reliable. They are skilled in ensuring that strict collection procedures are adhered to ensure that chain of custody and sample integrity are not compromised at any stage.

The sampler will carry out identity checks according to our procedures. If these are deemed by us to be inadequate, we reserve the right to ask for further information and/or refuse to process the samples. This is because we must be sure that the person who is being sampled has given his/her consent or has parental responsibility for the child and has the capacity to give consent.

To arrange a sample collection please call our Customer Advisers on 01953 668669 who will organise all aspects of your appointment, prepare the necessary documentation, advise you of any particular requirements and if attending our Collection Centre, ensure the staff are prepared for your appointment.