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Paternity DNA Test

Paternity DNA Test

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We offer an all inclusive Paternity DNA Testing Service, with no extra costs other than additional tests which are available at £60 per test/person.

Our fees include:

  • Free DNA sample collection kit with everything you need to undertake the collection of DNA samples from each family member who is being DNA tested (alleged father and one child or mother and one child).
  • Step by step instructions for taking DNA samples (included in collection kit)
  • Free delivery of DNA sample collection kit and no postage charge for return of DNA samples (UK residents only).
  • Test results in 3 working days (from day of receipt of DNA samples at our laboratory).
  • A full report of the outcome of the tests, either mailed out as a hard copy or sent electronically. The report will be provided to the primary contact who has requested the test and will indicate the most likely biological relationship.
  • A totally confidential service using the very latest scientific equipment and technology in our own UK-based laboratories and carried out by our own full time, experienced scientific experts.
  • VAT included.

If you wish to include additional tests please select the number of additional tests required using the drop down box on this page.

Please note: In all cases the Mother MUST give consent if the Child is under 16, unless there is a Court Order in place assigning consent to another person, if this is the case then Affirmative must be provided with a copy of that court order. Failure to observe this requirement will result in us being unable to proceed with the testing.

Please also note: the person who orders and pays for testing will be considered by us as the Primary Contact and the resulting report will be sent to that person. Our standard charges include 1 copy of the report and simple DNA extraction using the swabs provided in the peace of mind test kit. Additional reports and specialist complex/extraction will incur further charges. Please contact us for details.

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Paternity DNA Test

Paternity DNA Test